SMARTSessions: Values, Leadership & Culture

Values, Leadership and Culture- why they are so important to get right, and how you can succeed from the beginning


Identifying values, good leadership and the right culture are essential to the sustainable success of any business, big or small, starting-up or established.

For startups, it is essential to identify and clearly communicate your organizational values, show excellent leadership and create the right culture before you can grow a quality business that attracts and retains the right employees, professional investors and wins business with the right customers.

In this one-hour workshop/presentation Helen and Will Martin will discuss the link between values, leadership and culture, why these are essential to a successful business, and why it is so important to get these right from the outset. At the end of this session, attendees will have created their individual and organisation’s values and have received a crash-course in leadership skills that will enable them to set the right culture in their business from the beginning.

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