SMARTSessions: Start Up Tech Support

Systems and software choices with Laurence Nussbaumer


That Tech Guy

Laurence is about to become your new best friend …because Laurence is master of all thing tech. We all need a “Laurence”, that tech person who can help with all systems and software challenges. Luckily for us, Laurence has agreed to set aside a day of his time to come help us free of charge. Make sure you book in early, because, just like that secret stash of chocolates in the back of the cupboard, Laurence’s time will disappear before we know it!

Whether it is choosing the right software to support your business needs, what type of computer to buy, setting up your WLan, mobile access or server protection, or how to expand your IT network as you globally scale, Laurence is here to help you. Laurence will begin with a 30 minute presentation answering Tech FAQ’s that are relevant to start ups and then will offer 30 minute one on one sessions with Founders to help with individual needs.

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