Start House - Scale Up Workshop

The program covers the core areas of business that entrepreneurs in the Scale Up phase need most


The Start House team consulted with experts in the ecosystem to ensure the needs data was correct. These experts include; Intellectual Property Solicitors, Chief Financial Officers, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Marketing Masters, Scale Up Business Advisors, and most importantly, entrepreneurs that have been through the Scale Up and Accelerator experience.

In this workshop:

  • What does scaling a business entail?
    • Long term goals
    • Business strategy
    • Financial viability
    • Access to finance
    • Differentiation
    • Market demand
    • Channels
    • Sales
    • Management
    • Advisory board
    • People and talent
    • Tech tools resources
  • Case studies illustrating different scale-up strategy.
  • Practical part: participants work on scale-up canvas

Limited numbers

Twelve participants will be involved in the program, ensuring a dedicated personal learning experience. As the program is about diverse, regional innovation, the cohort is a mix of tech and non-tech, single and team founders, with a range of backgrounds.


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