Strong Australia Network Luncheon

The Strong Australia Network centres on getting outside the major cities and bringing together suppliers, distributors, employees, customers and business organisations to discuss the issues facing our regions and work on the solutions to the challenges people face.

April business hunter australia

The Business Council of Australia and Business Hunter are partnering to hear from leading voices in the Hunter Region at a community lunch and panel on April 18 in Newcastle.

Moderated by Sky News’ Chief News Anchor, Kieran Gilbert, the panel will include Business Council of Australia Chief Executive, Jennifer Westacott, Business Hunter CEO, Bob Hawes, Port of Newcastle CEO Craig Carmody, and WSP CEO, Guy Templeton.

The Hunter’s economy is diversifying to embrace a clean energy future; the Port of Newcastle is connecting the Hunter to the world; and businesses are reskilling staff to fill the jobs of the future. Join Business Hunter to discuss the opportunities for the Hunter and be part of a critically important conversation.

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