Successfully Driving Transformation: Behaviour Change and the Circular Economy

Join the latest ACE Hub webinar to unpack the complexities of behaviour and system change within the context of the circular economy.

April ARK circular behaviour

During this webinar expert speakers will delve into the dynamic relationship between behaviour change, consumption habits, and the circular economy. They will explore the pivotal roles in catalysing sustainable change, focusing on recent research by BehaviourWorks Australia that assessed the most impactful actions individuals, organisations and policy makers can take.

Moderated by Planet Ark's Head of Circular Economy Development, Nicole Garofano, the webinar will lean on the behaviour change expertise of Ryan Collins, Head of Impact and Research at Planet Ark and guest speaker Jennifer Macklin, Senior Researcher and Circular Economy Lead at BehaviourWorks Australia.

During the webinar, Jennifer will present on the crucial connection between individual, industry and government behaviour, highlighting how these behaviours are impacted by the activities of other actors within. Additionally, she will introduce the concept of behavioural system mapping and how it can identify where and how to intervene in a complex system. Ryan will discuss how the ACE Hub and wider Planet Ark programs interact with individuals and organisation to support the recommended high impact actions.

Nicole Garofano is Planet Ark’s Head of Circular Economy Development, responsible for leading the ongoing strategic development of the Australian Circular Economy Hub, and a lead author of the Circularity in Australian Business report. For almost 20 years, Nicole has worked in environmental education and action with a focus on waste management and a circular economy initiatives. Since 2021, Nicole has been the spokesperson for the ACE Hub’s work driving Australia’s circular economy transition.

Ryan Collins is Planet Ark’s Head of Impact and Research, responsible for integrating applicable research around circular economy and behaviour change science across Planet Ark’s programs. After nearly a decade working in the banking and finance industry, Ryan was drawn to a career in sustainability that saw him work in diverse roles such as monitoring and evaluation, threatened species and sustainable agriculture. With a background in psychology and environmental management, Ryan’s role at Planet Ark since 2012 has focused on delivering behaviour change campaigns and research that help individuals, businesses, government and schools transition to a circular economy.

Jennifer Macklin is the Circular Economy lead at BehaviourWorks. She is a Senior Researcher with 15 years’ experience in applied behaviour and systems change research to develop effective policies and programs for households, organisations and system-wide change towards more circular futures.

Jennifer has a particular passion for circular economy, with unique and unmatched expertise in understanding the application of behavioural insights to resource efficiency, waste prevention, recycling behaviours and circular business models. Complementing this expertise in behavioural insights is deep knowledge of Australia’s waste industry, developed through leading literature reviews and preliminary research; designing, delivering and evaluating a range of waste prevention and recovery strategies, action plans and individual projects; and undertaking targeted research for a variety of invited speaking and media engagements.

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