Flexibility and the 21st century energy market

Our electricity market is transforming, and in this rapidly changing landscape demand side resources like load shaping and demand response are becoming increasingly crucial for affordability, reliability and security

Energy efficiency expo

Just a few days after the long awaited launch of the Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism , this panel will unpack what the new mechanism will mean for the market and for customers, the flexibility opportunities that are yet to be realised, and what business can do now smarten up their interactions with the electricity market.

Chair: Liz Fletcher, Energy Efficiency Council Board Member

  • Kedem Levy, C&I Demand Response Manager, AGL
  • Marija Petkovic, Founder and Managing Director, Energy Synapse
  • Grant Hatamosa, General Manager, Zen Ecosystems
  • Claire Richards, Manager of Industry Engagement and Regulatory Affairs, Enel X
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