Sustainability leaders-Leadership in Sustainability

With speakers Anthony Weinberg, Kylie Flament, Hugh McGilligan and Richard Liao


Anthony Weinberg from Solar my school discusses how this program was established In 2017 when Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick Councils identified three key barriers — trust, time and knowledge — that prevented schools from installing solar power. In response, the councils developed Solar my School to provide free, expert advice to simplify the process for schools. Solar my School has increased solar capacity by 4.3 megawatts and, through partnerships with eight other councils, now reaches 91 schools city wide.

Kylie Flament is from Green Connect a social enterprise from the Illawarra region, has helped to provide meaningful work to marginalised groups in society including young people and refugees. It originated with waste recovery and recycling and is now managing an organic farm and labour-hire services. It has diverted more than 2000 tonnes of waste and provided meaningful work for people.

Hugh McGilligan from Sproutstack challenges how we grow our food by using a shipping container and hydroponics to reduce water use by 95% and fertilisers by 80%, to grow the equivalent yield of one hectare.

Richard Liao from Sydney Metro talks about how this new mass transit system has integrated climate resilience and how emissions were offset including landscaping to lead to positive environmental and amenity outcomes.

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