Sustainability Reporting Summit 2024

The Sustainability Reporting Summit 2024 is Australia’s first event designed to unpack the latest regulatory requirements and provide effective strategies you can implement in your organisation immediately to get your reporting right while avoiding greenwashing risks.

March ESG Symposium

Sustainability leaders will be joined by legal, finance, investor relations, data, and IT experts who will break down how to set and measure sustainability metrics, build and execute a reporting plan, mitigate greenwashing risks, and solve all your sustainability reporting pain points.

With new mandatory reporting requirements on the immediate horizon, organisations must act quickly to create or update their reporting strategies. If you don’t get your environmental claims and sustainability reporting right from the very start, you risk regulatory penalties, alienating customers, turning away investors, and putting your organisation in the line of fire from potentially crippling greenwashing actions.

The Summit is designed for managers, team leaders, directors and others in a senior role who are responsible for any part of the sustainability reporting process, including all those reporting to the c-suite and the Board.

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