SWC50 – The Century of Solar

The Virtual Conference will be a series of six 90-minute panel sessions from 3 – 4 December 2020 plus 3 follow up webinars during 2021.

The SWC50 will include:

  • A 2-day virtual conference in December 2020, with invited speakers and panellists who will:
    • address strategies to accelerate the “Journey to 100% Renewables”.
    • address all energy sectors and regions.
    • focus on social issues, technological issues, and enabling framework issues.
  • Three follow-up webinars during 2021.
  • An online virtual museum providing a timeline and focusing on the stories from the past 50+ years and visions for the next 50 years through the eyes of:
    • Institutions (research laboratories and universities);
    • NGOs and Non-profit organizations:
    • Industry; and
    • Governments.
  • Monthly newsletters during 2020 and 2021
  • Development of a Commemorative Booklet called “The Century of Solar - Stories and Visions of Renewable Energy”
  • Individuals recognised as Renewable Energy Pioneers in the virtual museum and booklet.
  • A solar time-line display which will be launched at the 2020 Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference (APSRC20), 01 – 03 December 2020 in Melbourne and will be available to be displayed at future ISES and ISES partner events.
  • A historical display at APSRC20.
  • A 50-year celebratory dinner at APSRC20 and potentially celebrations (dinner or receptions) at other conferences during 2021
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