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The Future is Bright for Australia’s Critical Coal

Sydney Mining Club

Paul Flynn, the CEO and Managing Director of Whitehaven Coal at the Establishment Ballroom 252 George Street, Sydney CBD.

Coal is here to stay. This cornerstone industry continues to defy the headlines and confirm its long-term role in the global energy transition.

Last year, we saw coal use for power generation rebound from pandemic-induced lows to an all-time high, while prices followed suit and continue to buck the modelling trends.

Energy security concerns are once again at the forefront and the IEA is forecasting surging coal demand across Southeast Asia over the next 30 years – with Australian coal set to underpin the growth and development of key strategic regional allies including India, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Vietnam.

Metallurgical coal is also primed to play a key role in global decarbonisation efforts, with the world’s second-largest steelmaker, India, among a host of countries attracted to Australia’s less carbon intensive coal.

This is the incredible trade opportunity Whitehaven Coal and Australia’s coal miners continue to capitalise upon.

Listed on the ASX in 2007 at a market capitalisation of $323 million and export volume of 2.3 million tonnes, Whitehaven is now a global player with a track record, management team and reserve quality that speaks for itself.

On an annualised basis, Whitehaven is now producing over 18 million tonnes coal a year, with a market cap of $6.2 billion, over 19 times higher than in 2007.

The availability of high calorific value thermal coal remains tight due to strong demand and the ongoing war in Ukraine, while long-term supply continues to contract as governments across the world put the brakes on new developments.

This is just one of the challenges facing the industry as it grapples with new governments, shifting policies and a tight labour market that’s fuelling the ongoing battle for talent.

Through it all, coal has proven it will remain a critical component of the energy transition in decades to come.

Join us as Paul Flynn shares his candid insights into the challenges and opportunities ahead for the industry.

Not to be missed!

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