Live Online Training Course: Techno-Commercial Masterclass on Energy and Energy Transition

Build your confidence and understanding of our current energy system and how it will evolve by examining the technical, operational and commercial aspects of its component parts such as fossil fuels, renewables, nuclear power, and universal energy carriers.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Review the global and local make-up of our energy system
  • Gain awareness of the various sources of energy, from fossil fuels to renewables
  • Understand the history of our energy system, and how fossil fuels are located, extracted, processed, and integrated into the system
  • Learn how and why the energy system is changing and understand the pace of change
  • Appreciate the many alternative sources of energy that can replace fossil fuels and their relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Appreciate the commercial aspects of the various energy sources, our changing energy mix, and risks and opportunities associated with the transition

About the Course

This LIVE online training course will provide participants with a solid all-round grounding in the technologies, concepts, methods and language used in the energy business. The program will cover both global and local trends and developments.

Participants will be exposed to a wide variety of energy sources and products, including fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas, LNG), nuclear, renewables (solar, wind, wave, tidal, pumped hydro, biofuels) and universal energy carriers (electricity, hydrogen).

The technical and commercial building blocks of these various energy products will be examined, how projects progress from concepts to installed facilities, and the challenges along the way.

Attendees will learn to appreciate the impact of technical, operational, commercial and environmental risk on projects, and how they compete or complement each other today, and how this interaction is expected to evolve with time.

Who Will Benefit

This course is designed to provide a wide-ranging examination of our complex energy system from both a technical and commercial perspective. As such, it is applicable to technical and business-oriented professionals working in parts of the energy sector that wish to gain an understanding of the sector as a whole.

New entrants to the energy sector will benefit from this wide perspective, regardless of whether they are technical, nontechnical, private sector or government.

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