The 249th Sydney Mining Club Luncheon featuring The Hon. Joel Fitzgibbon

Hear from the Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Resources


Joel Fitzgibbon's seat of Hunter covers the most productive land in Australia.

The coalfields of the Upper Hunter and their unions, world-class vineyards, the horse racing studs of the wealthy, energy-bill-shy townfolk, and right now, some very drought stressed graziers. From auto-electrician to veteran Parliamentarian with over 20 years in service, he lives at the crossroads of many issues confronting Australia’s two great primary production industries – Resources and Agriculture – and is now Labor’s Shadow Minister for both.

‘He’s one of Us’ said an election poster earlier this year. Fitzgibbon is now in the party’s engine room as it navigates the vexing political nexus between drought, climate change and the extraordinary bounty of high quality coal that continues to be mined, despite increasing opposition, to meet world demand. A great opportunity to meet, hear and question.

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