The APRU Sustainable Waste Management (SWM) Program | Session 1

This session will focus on South Australia's leading role in hydrogen, metals, and minerals.

April SA hydrogen

The APRU SWM Global ESG and Sustainability Lecture Series is designed to provide a sound foundation in principles of sustainability, and to unify research across ecology, conservation, environmental health and waste management with a focus on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. As a key activity of the APRU Sustainable Waste Management Program, this year’s lecture series will be from April to December 2024. The aim is to provide insights into cutting-edge research to the network. Experts from diverse fields and studies will contribute to individual lectures that generate a broad overview of the subject area. The series is open to academics and students. Participants will be able to learn from and interact with world-renowned experts through a series of lectures delivered via a real-time video conference on Zoom.

Session 1, happening on April 23 at 9 am (UTC+9), will focus on South Australia's leading role in hydrogen, metals, and minerals. Professor Michael Goodsite from The University of Adelaide will discuss the environmental challenges and opportunities in this field. Attendees will learn about how South Australia is dealing with these issues and what it means for the future. This session will be easy to understand and offer valuable insights for anyone interested in these topics.

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