Offshore Wind Masterclass + Hydrogen Energy

Live Online Training | 6-Part series | Over 6 days

Informa offshore21

Key Learning Outcomes & Case Studies Include

  • To understand commercial considerations involving offshore wind and the integration of hydrogen into a new generation of mega projects
  • To learn the techniques for development and maintenance of offshore wind and hydrogen as part of the net zero agenda
  • To understand practical risks and opportunities associated with the production and use of offshore wind and especially the production of hydrogen.
  • To appreciate the challenges around the offshore wind and hydrogen industry
  • Fixed and floating designs and their integration with hydrogen production
  • To learn about real-world projects integrating offshore wind and hydrogen
  • Understand the differing perspectives of the investor, the operator, the customer and government Recognise political and diplomatic implications of international trade in green hydrogen including recent trends.
  • Review design, storage, and hydrogen transportation considerations
  • Discover the characteristics that broaden yet constrain the commercial and technical links in the ‘supply chain’.
  • Consider various options for offshore wind and hydrogen market developments.

Who Will Benefit

Existing companies particularly those who are already part of the supply chain and those looking to future-proof their capabilities. Project developers seeking to decarbonise and source, green power, financiers and the construction industry. Construction, OEM’s and balance of plant organisations.

Particularly relevant to engineering companies, those involved in storage compression equipment and shipping as well as those seeking to enter the energy arena with its myriad opportunities in a market set for exponential growth. The course will also benefit stakeholders from government, finance and consenting and those wishing to understand the realities of offshore wind and hydrogen production.

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