The Circular Economy For Climate and Environment Conference | CECE 2024

Held over two days, the conference will explore recent advances in technologies and industrial approaches with a focus on Nutrient recovery and reuse for sustainable futures.

Sept cece

CECE stands as an annual international conference, spanning diverse disciplines from fundamental to applied research encompassing policies, technologies, and community education concerning the circular economy, climate change, and the environment.

The conference's thematic scope extends across circular economy applications in water, energy, environment, waste, resource recovery, and climate change, among other pertinent areas. This conference aims to serve as a dynamic platform, bringing together researchers from academia, industries, government, and NGOs on a global scale. It facilitates the exchange of research findings, covering both foundational principles and practical applications.

Notably, CECE aims to foster networks among researchers, nurturing international collaborations that drive innovation and progress in circular economy, climate change, and environmental research. Distinguished plenary and keynote speakers, representing academia, industry, and government, will grace the conference, providing valuable insights and perspectives. Conference also presents a unique opportunity for both industries, academics, or individuals to vie for recognition in various CECE Award categories. Join to explore the frontiers of knowledge and collaboration in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for a circular economy, climate resilience, and environmental well-being.

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