The Future of Hydrogen Energy: Australia and Beyond

Due to its resources, Australia may have unique economic opportunities for fired heating, transportation and international export of hydrogen


Global systems of energy generation, transport and storage are undergoing massive, rapid transitions. Societies and industries are making positive changes towards zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. Hydrogen as a direct fuel and as a water electrolysis energy storage medium is seen as one route towards zero emissions. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen substitution in natural gas heating systems, and long range transfer of pure hydrogen and H2-bearing compounds are emerging within a complex range of technologically and commercially viable future alternatives.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will showcase a “Hydrogen Society” at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, drawing parallels to the legacy of the famous Shinkansen high-speed train system, demonstrated at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Will Olympic flame relay runners carry a hydrogen flame and light a hydrogen cauldron?

Join The Warren Centre on Thursday morning, August 1, at the University of Sydney to hear from experts who are analysing, designing and installing the latest hydrogen demonstrations in Australia. Learn about how green hydrogen, blue hydrogen and brown hydrogen may be part of a new energy revolution.

Ashley Brinson, Executive Director, The Warren Centre will welcome everyone and Prof Yuan Chen, School of Chemical Engineering will give a brief overview of the School's research activities in catalysis supporting zinc-air batteries and hydrogen production before the panel begins.

The panel will be moderated by Andrew Collins, The Warren Centre Energy Committee.

For more information regarding speakers, follow the registration link.


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