The Heart-led Entrepreneur Workshop SMART Session Armidale

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to protect your most valuable asset in entrepreneurship so that you have the energy, drive and passion to achieve your business and life goals, without burnout. That asset? You!

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James Gordon is an Authenticity and Self Confidence Coach, working with high performers, and entrepreneurs to help them live more intentionally, master their emotions, communicate with confidence and create value-aligned goals.

James trained as a life coach through the Robbins-Madanes Training Centre. He uses a coaching framework called Human Needs Psychology to provide empathetic, inspiring and effective coaching for entrepreneurs who struggle with clear direction, focus, over coming blocks that are holding them back and maintaining their energy and drive.

Compassionate, engaging and contagiously authentic, James has a gift for helping entrepreneurs find clarity, direction, purpose, confidence and fulfillment.

In Heart-Led Entrepreneur Workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to master your emotions you so you can overcome your business and life obstacles more effectively.
  • Identify weak areas in your life that are holding you back from succeeding in your business and in your relationships.
  • Discover how you can avoid burnout while consistently setting and achieving your goals.
  • Assess which belief systems and stories taken from childhood are serving you now and identify which ones could be preventing you from reaching that next level of success (whatever that looks like for you).
  • Review where your energy is being spent - are you spending more more energy holding yourself back vs moving forward - and how to reverse it so that your energy is focused on the right actions, feelings and beliefs.
  • Learn how to show up in your professional and personal relationships as your most honest, expressive and authentic self so that you can communicate effectively, regulate challenging emotions and ride the ups and downs of building a business with your sense of purpose, values and morals intact.
  • Discover how you can master your emotions and make decisions that best support who you truly are vs who you think you should be so that you can build a business with purpose and integrity and create a life that is aligned with who you are at your core.

Founders are able to book 1:1 sessions with James by registering HERE

This event is proudly funded by the NSW Government under the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund and delivered in association with Armidale Regional Council.

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