The hybrid workforce: enabling workforce participation for intergenerational Australians

Emerging as a powerful means to harness the full capacity of our intergenerational workforce in Australia, ‘gig executives’ represent a wave of senior leaders choosing to engage in work differently.

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Organisations facing critical talent shortage instigated by the global pandemic, border closure, and immigration crisis are keen to tap into this growing hybrid workforce.

Gig Executives are delivering on expertise, skills and know how. How we amplify the benefits of participating in the workforce for longer and in new ways can help address talent shortages and deliver improved outcomes in the labour market and for those exploring how to work differently.

Join CEDA as they discuss how to unlock the potential of older workers to optimise workforce participation and wellness. Doing so will require a societal shift toward having older people in the workforce for longer, but in what capacity, how to address ageism?

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