The Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy Conference

The inaugural Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy conference is an invaluable platform for industry stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role, impact and benefits of a circular economy across the entire mining value chain.

Oct mining circ econ

Taking place alongside International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) on 29 and 30 October, this is the world's first and only conference with discussions on the global context of both process and product circularity in the mining industry's supply chain.

The program will cover best practices in the mining and metals sectors including the commercialisation of remining waste, recycling metals, mine rehabilitation and community engagement, as well as the role of technology and digital tools in circularity. Mining companies of all sizes and their suppliers and customers will benefit from the conference to better understand the roles they play in a circular value supply stream.

Attendees of the 2-day conference will have the opportunity to:
  • Gain insights from international and local experts, providing real-world applications of circularity that can be readily implemented in your business operations.
  • Recognise the commercial potential of repurposing waste materials to create new product lines or generate additional revenue streams.
  • Acquire knowledge on implementing metrics and measurements to effectively track and report on circularity.
  • Evaluate the feasibility and value of downstream recycling to recover metals, thereby reducing emissions and reintegrating these materials into the supply chain.
  • Understand how mine transition and rehabilitation is effectively managed for the benefit of the local community, while leveraging social, economic and natural assets.
  • Strengthen ESG and sustainability credentials, fostering trust with investors, partners, suppliers and the wider community.
  • Explore the emerging market opportunity of reprocessing tailings to recover potentially valuable materials.
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