The SMH Sustainability Summit

The Sydney Morning Herald, in partnership with Informa Australia, is delighted to announce that the highly anticipated Inaugural SMH Sustainability Summit will take place on 7 September 2020.

This event will be delivered in a fully virtual format via a live stream and interactive meeting rooms.

The summit will identify challenges facing both Corporate Australia and the Public Sector and showcase exemplars of how they are responding to meet emerging expectations. As global citizens working for companies whose organisational impacts transcend geographic borders, sustainability is truly a business case for all.

With widespread fear and anxiety around increasing climate change & pollution plaguing our citizens, Australians are now, more than ever, looking to both our elected leaders and those representing organisations to establish regulations, policies and procedures to reduce our environmental impact and prevent irreversible damage.

The Sydney Morning Herald Sustainability Summit will open the discourse on lessons learnt, sustainability leadership, and the corporate commitments that need to be widely adopted to aggressively pursue carbon neutrality in Australia.

Visit The SMH Corporate Sustainability Summit website to learn more about the event, Agenda, Speakers and more!

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