Thought Leaders Series: Geosynthetics and ESG compliance in mining

This webinar will summarise and provide examples of how geosynthetics can strengthen ESG credentials.

Engineers Australia

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance has become a prime focus within the Mining industry, and a necessity to successfully operate. Without demonstrating and embracing ESG with sustainable practices, the mining sector would been restrained in sourcing funding, obtaining licences, and securing appropriate insurances.

Mining typically results in changes to the surface and/or subsurface in order to extract critical resources and these processes can impact surrounding ozone, hydrology, soils and ecosystems. Geosynthetics are either polymer or natural based engineering materials that can serve a number of functions (containment, protection, reinforcement, stabilisation, drainage, filtration, separation, erosion control) in order to enable efficient, enhanced and decarbonised construction at mine sites (roads, pavements, rail track bed, retaining structures, slopes, embankments, drainage systems, waste containment, water recovery).

Geosynthetic engineered solutions present an opportunity to ensure that operational activities throughout the life of a mine can have better outcomes for the environment, including reduction of construction-based carbon emissions, protection of the environment, and re-establishment of the land and ecosystem at mine closure.

As Australia’s only geosynthetic manufacturer, Geofabrics employ more than 100 local manufacturing staff, have over 1000 active regional suppliers and return more than $10million per annum into the regional communities in which they operate. Geofabrics are leading the way with the development of geosynthetic products that incorporate recycled content, providing sustainable, Australian made solutions.

Who Should Attend?

This event is highly relevant for civil, environmental and geosynthetics engineers working in mining or environmental sector.

You do not need to be an Engineers Australia member to attend.


Headshot of Ryan Hackney

Ryan Hackney

Environmental Solution Specialist, Geofabrics Australasia

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