Thought Leaders Series: Safer Batteries with Australian Tech and Resources

Get ready to embark the journey of exploring the potential of our natural resources, and competitive advantages in battery manufacturing and its value chain.

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Australia stands are at the verge of a technological revolution in the energy sector, particularly in the development and deployment of battery technologies. This panel discussion aims to explore the burgeoning potential of locally sourced and manufactured battery technologies that prioritize safety and sustainability. As Australia possesses a wealth of critical minerals and a strong research base in energy technologies, there is a unique opportunity to lead in the creation of safer, more efficient battery systems.

This panel discussion will serve as a pivotal platform for driving forward the "Made in Australia Dream", emphasizing the role of innovative, safe battery technologies and the strategic use of local resources in achieving this vision.

It will provide strengthened networking between policymakers, industry leaders, and researchers to drive forward Australia’s capabilities in battery technology.

Drawing on factual information about evolving battery technologies, such as metal-air batteries and solid-state lithium-ion batteries, gain actionable insights and recommendations to advance Australia's position as a leader in safe and sustainable battery production.

Who should attend

This webinar is highly relevant for anyone working in the mining and minerals, battery manufacturing or battery recycling sector.

You do not need to be an Engineers Australia member to attend.

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