Towards Zero Emission - CRCs Perspective

Learn how Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) are helping to decarbonise the Australian economy.

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As both, Innovate Australia and Regional Development Australia-Perth have been at the forefront of promoting zero emission related technologies, we are delighted to invite you to meet four Australian business leaders representing CRCs at the forefront of decarbonising the Australian economy.

Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) are an Australian Federal Government program administered by the Commonwealth Department of Industry and Science. CRCs are key bodies for Australian scientific research. The Cooperative Research Centres Programme was established in 1990 to enhance Australia's industrial, commercial and economic growth through the development of sustained, user-driven, cooperative public-private research centres that achieve high levels of outcomes in adoption and commercialisation. The program emphasises the importance of collaborative arrangements to maximise the benefits of research through an enhanced process of utilisation, commercialisation and technology transfer.

Special Guest

Tony Peacock

Chief Executive Officer at CRC Association


Ian Christensen

Managing Director at iMOVE Australia CRC

Mary Hackett

Chair at Future Energy Exports (FEnEx) CRC

Tim Shanahan

Chair at Future Battery Industries (FBI) CRC

David Norman

Chief Executive Officer at Future Fuels CRC


Peter Kasprzak, Co-Founder and CEO at Innovate Australia

The four CRCs featured in this event are all doing their part towards decarbonising Australian transport and industry, creating export opportunities and moving the country closer to achieving zero emission economy.

iMOVE CRC is Australia's leading applied research centre in the transportation and mobility sector. We help businesses and government tackle transport-related challenges by connecting and activating the ideas, people, and resources to get things moving.

The Future Energy Exports Cooperative Research Centre (FEnEx CRC) aim is cutting-edge, industry-led research, education and training to help sustain Australia’s position as a leading LNG exporter, and enable it to become the leading global Hydrogen exporter.

The Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBI CRC) focuses on research and development programs targeting all segments of the battery value chain and delivering commercial, proprietary outcomes to accelerate industry expansion and growth of a vibrant, emerging battery industry sector.

Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre is the industry focussed Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D) partnership enabling the decarbonisation of Australia’s energy networks, in a collaborative and connected research community embracing the industry, academia and government.

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