Transforming Relationships in Business using Restorative Approaches

A three hour per week free course for individuals working for a business within the Newcastle local government area employing 20 staff or less. Limit of one course per person.

Within and between businesses, relationships are critical to success. Restorative approaches provide an underpinning ethos and philosophy for making, maintaining and repairing relationships and for fostering a sense of social responsibility and shared accountability.

The focus can be on repairing the damage done to connections and to build connections where there were none previously. This is achieved through a dialogue process that ensures that people feel fairly treated and respected, because they have been trusted to find solutions for themselves and put things right in their own way.

Because the approach fosters active listening people feel that they have been listened to, are more ready to listen to others’ perspectives and emotional responses, and so empathy is developed. This can change the choices made in future situations, as mutual respect and consideration develop.

Optional assessment

  • Part 1 – Using a problem scenario provided, outline all the possible behaviours that have culminated in the dysfunction within the relationship.
  • Part 2 – Take part in a role play using a restorative approach to repair the relationship.

University of Newcastle Awards Provided

For participants with no Bachelor degree qualification, unspecified credit of 10 units for each course may be counted towards a selection of University of Newcastle Bachelor programs if assessment is satisfactorily completed.

For students with a Bachelor degree qualification or 5+ years’ management experience, unspecified credit may be granted toward a graduate certificate program.

If no assessment undertaken, Certificate of Completion will be awarded by the University of Newcastle if greater than 60% of required participation hours are completed.

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