Innovation and the Circular Economy – Tyre Recycling and Value-Added Manufacturing – Webinar

The webinar will showcase new processing infrastructure, innovative market applications and whole of industry work to boost tyre recycling and markets for tyre derived products.

August AIEN tyre recycling

In Australia in 2018/19, it is estimated that 465,000 tonnes of tyres reached end of life. About 41% of these tyres were from passenger cars, 34% was truck tyres and 25% was off-the-road tyres[1]. In December 2021, the Commonwealth’s export ban came into effect, prohibiting the export of whole and baled tyres for processing and energy recovery overseas. Prior to the ban coming into effect, 56% of Australia’s end of life tyres were exported overseas.

Fortunately, domestic investment in new tyre processing and recycling infrastructure has occurred, reducing the nation’s dependence on export markets. Though there is a lot more to do to build robust domestic infrastructure and markets for tyre-derived products, to avoid the unlawful stockpiling of tyres and disposal in landfill.

In this webinar, we will explore some recent innovations in tyre recycling and markets for recovered tyre materials, to help build a local circular economy for this material.

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[1] Tyre Stewardship Australia (2020). Used tyres supply chain and fata analysis. June 2020. Internet publication:

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