Negotiation in the Business Context

A three hour per week free course for individuals working for a business within the Newcastle local government area employing 20 staff or less. Limit of one course per person.

This course commences by analysing the nature of conflict, its different types and stages, and then examines steps to achieve "resolution". Conflict can arise in any form of transactional relationship but the focus in this course is on the workplace itself and those transactional relationships within the direct business environment such as customers, workers, suppliers and intermediaries.

The course is very practically oriented. You will develop conflict resolution skills particularly through group-based roleplaying, using examples with which you are familiar and that may pose challenges for business.

Optional assessment

  • Part 1 – Take part in online role play with others
  • Part 2 – Using a negotiation framework for analysis (provided) describe and discuss the steps of negotiation you might employ to resolve a conflict or potential conflict in your workplace.

University of Newcastle Awards Provided

For participants with no Bachelor degree qualification, unspecified credit of 10 units for each course may be counted towards a selection of University of Newcastle Bachelor programs if assessment is satisfactorily completed.

For students with a Bachelor degree qualification or 5+ years’ management experience, unspecified credit may be granted toward a graduate certificate program.

If no assessment undertaken, Certificate of Completion will be awarded by the University of Newcastle if greater than 60% of required participation hours are completed.

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