Understanding and Predicting Customer Behaviour in the Services Context

An eight week course of four hours per week for individuals currently or previously working for a business within the Newcastle local government area

Understanding what influences your customers to seek services to meet their needs, and how they make the decision to purchase, is at the heart of delivering customer satisfaction. Enterprise success in service sectors depends on this.

This course overviews the key concepts around the factors that influence customers to think the way they do and the decision-making process itself when it comes time to evaluate, choose and purchase. It also looks at the nature of services and differences in offering these relative to more tangible products.

The course will teach you to understand and be able to predict customers’ ‘moments of truth’ from when they realise a need, right through to post purchase sense of satisfaction.

Optional assessment

  • Part 1 - Identifying a customer segment from your workplace, you will evaluate using consumer behaviour frameworks, the key factors that might influence their choice in using your service.
  • Part 2 - Once these factors are established, you’ll create a blueprint of your customer service ‘journey’, identifying ‘moments of truth’ in their experience. These become the touchpoints for creating and delivering a superior customer service experience resulting in service satisfaction.

University of Newcastle Awards Provided

For participants with no Bachelor degree qualification, unspecified credit of 10 units for each course may be counted towards a selection of University of Newcastle Bachelor programs if assessment is satisfactorily completed.

For students with a Bachelor degree qualification or 5+ years’ management experience, unspecified credit may be granted toward a graduate certificate program.

If no assessment undertaken, Certificate of Completion will be awarded by the University of Newcastle if greater than 60% of required participation hours are completed.

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