Understanding How to Sell e-Commerce into Asia

This is a half day workshop to make informed decisions on using e-commerce channels to capitialise on the growing demand from Asian consumers.


At this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to tap into the world’s largest e-commerce market and access Asia’s rapidly expanding middle-class consumer base.
  • Gain a detailed overview of e-commerce platforms and opportunities for SMEs in a variety of Asian markets, with a key focus on the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and India.
  • Understand supply chain models required for an e-commerce strategy.
  • Consider cultural needs for marketing, social media and building your brand in an Asian context.

Why this matters:

  • ASEAN’s e-commerce market has quadrupled in the last 4 years from US$5.5billion of gross merchandise value (GMV) 2015 to US$23 billion of GMV in 2018.
  • The ASEAN region is emerging as an international growth hub for premium foods and the health and wellness industry as ASEAN GDP doubles in the next 10 years. With the region facing a critical challenge to alleviate disease and illness, opportunities abound for innovative and forward-thinking organisations to promote health.
  • In 2017, Australia’s trade with ASEAN countries grew by 9 percent over 2016 to reach $105 billion, which is greater than Australia’s two way trade with Japan and the United States.

Shiraz Engineer from Asialink Business.


This is a free event hosted by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Entrepreneurs' Programme.

This event is designed to benefit small and medium Australian businesses.

If you have any questions about this event or any future events, please contact EPLearningEvents@industry.gov.au

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