Unearthing critical minerals

Can Australia mine its way out of the climate crisis?

June Critical minerals

Join a panel of experts and climate activists as they discuss Australia’s race to mine critical minerals for renewable technology and the consequences of an unregulated approach.

The transition to renewables such as solar, wind and lithium-ion batteries is vital to decarbonise our energy use, systems, and transport. Renewable energy technology relies on an intensification of mining of ‘critical minerals’ for their production such as rare earths, lithium, and copper. This panel explores the implications of accelerating mining for critical minerals for Australia as we seek to meet our international and national climate targets.

Join us in launching Jubilee Australia’s Greenlight or Gaslight report where we unpack what concerns scholars and civil society share about how we transition to a more sustainable world.

This event is held in partnership with Jubilee Australia Research Centre.


Luke Fletcher, Jubilee Australia Research Centre

Kavita Naidu, Climate Action Network Australia

Professor Susan Park, University of Sydney

Dr Lian Sinclair (Chair), University of Sydney

Resources Industry Partners


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