Unleashing the Power of AUKUS - April Session

The AUKUS Forum, in collaboration with UTS, invites you to join their forum to learn about new opportunities from AUKUS

AUKUS Forum event

The nuclear powered submarine project with AUKUS thrusts Australia into a whole new world where innovation and technology rule.

AUKUS will be much more than nuclear submarines and the opportunities will expand into infrastructure and energy too.

AUKUS is already expanding from nuclear with particular emphasis on cyber capabilities, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies and more.

Join AUKUS Forum to hear from defence industry leaders, world leading researchers and industry experts as we build a whole new ecosystem to build the AUKUS Partnership.

Collaboration will help unleash the power of AUKUS - Join us.


Please Note - No media, no cameras, no mobile phone filming.

[0930-1000] Registration

[1000-1010] Welcome to UTS and Acknowledgment of Country

[10.10-10.20] About AUKUS Forum and Unleashing the Power of AUKUS (Michael Sharpe - Director, AUKUS Forum)

[10.20- 10.50] Chris Shaw - CEO of Advanced Navigation. Founded on a culture of research and discovery, Advanced Navigation's mission is to be the catalyst of the autonomy revolution.

Powered by a deep curiosity to apply ground-breaking technologies to uncover and explore new frontiers, the company is ultimately extending human capabilities to build a more resilient and sustainable future, with safer outcomes.

By leveraging capabilities in AI neural networks and deep learning algorithms, the company's solutions deliver unparalleled capabilities and exceptional performance across land, air, sea and space applications. With extensive research, testing and automated manufacturing, Advanced Navigation develops transformative technologies from inertial and sonar navigation to photonic and quantum sensing.

[10.50-11.20] Adam Amos, Founder & Director, Robotics Systems. Specialists in the Design and Manufacture of AI Enabled Industrial Products. The company accelerates the design and manufacture tech hardware products.

Robotic Systems has scaled up operations and now exports products to over 9 countries and has been recognised by Deloitte as being the 77th fastest growing hardware business in APAC.

[11.20-11.50] TBC

[11.50-12.00] Announcements and updates from the floor.[11.50-12.00] Announcements and updates from the floor.

Lunch is provided.

[1300-1400] Optional - Tour of UTS Tech Lab

Registration & Tickets

Tickets are free. In-person attendance only. Lunch is included.

Please register using your work email address. Personal email addresses are not accepted, and any registration using personal email addresses will be rejected and cancelled.

AUKUS Forum reserve the rights to cancel tickets at their discretion. For any cancellation, notification will be provided via email.

Registration close on Thursday April 11, 2024 at 11:59pm. Unfortunately, they cannot accept any registration after this date. If you miss out, consider joining us at our next session.


1. Go to UTS Tech Lab

(Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/jztdiG3ii37mvFkk9)

2. From the car park, find the building with a large sign, “UTS Tech Lab”. The entrance to the building is beside the sign.

3. After you enter the building, take the lift to Level 1, where you will check in before being escorted to the Seminar Room.

It is recommended that you drive or take an Uber. A private bus shuttle is also available. Free parking is available with stops at Central, Redfern Station and Green Square.

If you have questions or get lost during the day, please contact Ivan Chua at 0435 192 830 or ivan.chua@uts.edu.au (phone call is preferred)

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