Using Social Media for Marketing Communications

An eight week course of four hours per week for individuals currently or previously working within the Newcastle local government area

Radical shifts in how people engage with new and dynamic social media technologies makes it much harder to reach and communicate with customers when trying to deliver value.

This course focuses on the different purposes of business communications. It then examines how to plan and select from among different social media platforms in order to achieve communications objectives.

This entails understanding your market and audience, deciding the desired communication objectives, selecting the appropriate social media and monitoring outcomes.

Optional assessment

  • Part 1 – List and describe the possible communications objectives for a business with which you are familiar.
  • Part 2 – Identify your audience for one communications objective and select an appropriate social media platform. Outline all the reasons why this approach is the right one to achieve your objective.

University of Newcastle Awards Provided

For participants with no Bachelor degree qualification, unspecified credit of 10 units for each course may be counted towards a selection of University of Newcastle Bachelor programs if assessment is satisfactorily completed.

For students with a Bachelor degree qualification or 5+ years’ management experience, unspecified credit may be granted toward a graduate certificate program.

If no assessment undertaken, Certificate of Completion will be awarded by the University of Newcastle if greater than 60% of required participation hours are completed.

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