Webinar: Lithium Extraction from Geothermal and Oilfield Brines

Lithium occurs in viable concentrations in a variety of brines, including in some geothermal brines.

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High-grade, high-purity lithium salts can be efficiently and profitably extracted from these reservoirs using one or more of a suite of chemical and physical processes described as ‘Direct Lithium Extraction' or DLE.

Speaker: Dr John Bishop

Executive Chairman·Direct Lithium Pty Ltd

John Bishop is a geophysicist with nearly fifty years’ experience in the natural resource industries. He has founded and co-founded several public and private resource and energy companies, including KUTh Energy Ltd (ASX: KEN) which discovered and defined geothermal resources in Australia and the SW Pacific; Direct Lithium Pty Ltd which has a large combined geothermal energy plus metals licence in Tasmania and Spa*ark Energy Pty Ltd with geothermal assets in NSW. John is also the chair of Mitre Geophysics Pty Ltd which serves the Australian and International mining, energy and engineering industries.

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