What you need to know if your trade mark is challenged

The more successful your business, the more valuable your brand becomes, so it’s worth protecting.

A registered business name won’t stop your competitors from copying your brand, only a trade mark gives you the legal right to stop others from using it. Protecting your brand can be one of the best investments your business can make, but is it the right decision for your business?

Our trade marks webinar explains the basics of trade mark protection, what can and can’t be trade marked and what to consider before you invest in your brand. You will also learn how to register for a trade mark should you decide to apply.

What you will learn in this webinar:

• What is a trade mark and how is it a business asset

• The difference between business names, domain names and trade marks

• What to consider before you invest in your brand

• What are the costs

• How to choose which goods and services to apply for

• Why and how to search the trade marks database

• How to apply for a trade mark

• What trade mark Examiners look for in your application.

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