Why large-scale solar alone no longer makes sense

With grid congestion and curtailment plaguing utility-scale PV development in many parts of Australia and the proposed 5-minute settlement by AEMO, live from October 2021, the case for coupling solar arrays to large-scale storage is becoming increasingly compelling. But how can solar + storage projects be effectively executed? And what are the keys for developing a successful business model?

Leveraging its experience of 10.6 GW of Solar PV projects around the world and 50 MWh of large-scale battery storage projects in the EMEA region, the global EPC Sterling and Wilson Solar will share its insights as to why solar alone may not be enough in 2020 and how developers can make their solar + storage project a success.

As renewable energy penetration rates continue to increase, large-scale big batteries are proving their worth. However, the precipitous price declines seen in solar PV have not yet been replicated in batteries and building a business case may be difficult. That FCAS markets can be relatively quickly saturated presents additional challenges.

Topics covered include:

- Australia market overview and energy storage outlook.

- How regulatory developments, including five-minute settlement, is impacting the large-scale storage value proposition.

- How the wholesale spot market and ancillary services market drives solar + storage projects.

- What decides the project economics of a solar + storage project.

- How to choose the right solution provider and cost reduction methods.

- How to make a solar plant ready for future addition/ augmentation of batteries.

- What businesses cases can big batteries address.

- How to model solar + storage performance.

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the Webinar through a chat window. Johnathan Gifford, Editor in Chief at pv magazine, will be the moderator of this Webinar.

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