The Multidisciplinary Mindset - The Power of Collaboration in STEM

Join the first 2022 Hunterwise event to learn about the power of collaboration across STEM disciplines.

18 May mindset zoom

Complex, intractable problems rarely have single, simple solutions. By understanding these problems from different perspectives, multidisciplinary teams can deliver better solutions, lasting change, and anticipate the new challenges.

At the next HunterWiSE Network event, hear from three women who work at the intersection of science, technology, engineering, and the complex needs of communities.

Catherine Pepper - Manager Environment and Sustainability at Maitland City Council

Kate Cavanagh - Energy Systems Research & Testing Facilities Leader at CSIRO

Mirella Verhoeven - Environment Market Leader at GHD (Northern NSW)

From ecosystems to infrastructure, from disaster mitigation to renewable energy: these guests take a collaborative approach to identifying the problems, as well as communicating and delivering solutions.

You’re invited to join host Dr Jessica Allen and the HunterWiSE team to learn more about cross-discipline cooperation and how it can benefit local communities.

Wednesday 18 May, 7am-8.30am

GHD, Level 3/24 Honeysuckle Drive Newcastle

In-person attendance encouraged. This event will also be accessible via zoom. Complimentary tea, coffee and light breakfast will be available to those attending in person. Tickets are limited.

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