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The Hub supports the inaugural regional forum of the Orana Opportunity Network.


The Orana Opportunity Network (O2N) continues to promote it’s vision for the region as a regional powerhouse recognised for production, value adding, linkages and entrepreneurship. The inaugural Energy, Resources and Industry Innovation Forum brought together key stakeholders to discuss the future of resources, energy innovation, industry practice and future opportunities for the Orana and Central West regions of NSW.

Energy, Resources and Industry Innovation Forum

In February 2022, O2N brought to the region the Resources, Energy and Industry Innovation Forum, with the NSW Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub (ERKH) providing sponsorship for the event. The Forum brought industry leaders and significant project stakeholders and aligned service industries to the region, in order to promote knowledge exchange, business opportunity, collaboration, and networking. The Forum showcased significant projects and presentations on topics that are driving the region toward greater economic growth, industry collaboration, and increased public and private investment. The sessions covered topics including, Innovation and Education through Research, Net Zero Futures, Resources and New Energy Technologies and Opportunity for Skills and Education, with keynote speakers from Government, Industry and Academia present on the day.

Presentations included:

Session 1: Opportunity to Prosper

  • Update from O2N - The opportunity network for the region
  • Global Mega Trends - Driving minerals and new energy industry demands
  • Minerals supplying the modern world: The opportunity for the Orana and Central West
  • New pathways to learning - Modern Education and how it can support regional growth
  • Government policy, projects and strategy Overview

Session 2: Opportunity for a Net Zero future

  • A zero emission mine of the future- is this possible and how can we get there?
  • World class practice - supplying the minerals of the future
  • The circular economy opportunity - renewables to green chemicals
  • Driving industry evolution and transformation through cluster and precinct development

Session 3: Opportunity for collaboration: Resources and new energy technologies

  • Automation transformation driving operational performance in mining
  • Industry collaboration models to unlock growth
  • 3ME spearheading state-of-the-art battery systems into mining, military and marine
  • Lumea - creating competitive and innovative solutions to accelerate the energy transition

Session 4: Opportunity for innovation and education through research

  • Deployed research in the regions
  • Doctoral Training Centres: Embedded innovators solving industry challenges
  • NIER and the Resources Research Roadmap- where to next?

Session 5: Opportunity for skills and education

  • Fostering skills for future industry growth
  • UNSW Minerals and Energy Resources engineering
  • Developing the workforce for our Region

For further information on the presentations, please contact O2N.

Orana Opportunity Network (O2N)

The Orana Opportunity Network – (O2N) was established in 2020 to support industry and business development, improve sustainability, increase investment, and expose potential collaborations through the hosting of events and training seminars throughout the Orana and Central West regions of NSW. Now more than ever, the region is the focal point for critical and technology minerals development, processing infrastructure, resources investment, METS, new energy, and business opportunities.

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