NSW Resources and METS Sector Report

The 'NSW Resources and METS Sector Report' was prepared by Resources NSW through the NSW Energy and Resources Knowledge Hub to showcase NSW's strengths in resources, METS and research excellence.


With an ambition and roadmap to net-zero emissions, NSW resources will play an increasingly important role as a commodity supplier to achieve a lower emission future. This report presents an overview of current operations and opportunities in the sector, and the role decarbonatisation programs and innovation will play in delivering a modernised industry that can meet the demand of the new energy economy.

NSW hosts world leading research institutes and partnerships between industry and research which play a crucial role in assisting the sector to address current and future industry challenges across a range of specialised fields including beneficiation, geomechanics, automation and remote and off-earth mining. This reputational for technical excellence and commitment to sustainability unlocks an exciting opportunity for innovation and growth for NSW.

The report aims to further support investment attraction efforts to mining and METS and position NSW as a leading place for specialised, high value, sustainable and responsible production and suppliers of resources and METS products and services to meet the needs of the modern world.

Parkes, NSW


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