About Energy NSW

Energy NSW is about creating enterprise through change. The Energy market and opportunities within it are changing; Energy NSW is about the transfer of knowledge to create competitive advantage and make the most of new opportunities. 

Energy NSW provides a platform for industry collaboration, industry-linked innovation and the tools to address and overcome local sector challenges.

Faced with the trilemma of transitioning to a low cost, reliable and sustainable energy supply, the Energy Industry in Australia needs to adapt and innovate.

The growing demand for new energy technologies and efficiencies provides Australia with an opportunity for the development of innovative businesses in energy services and manufacturing to help manage the rising costs and decreasing productivity witnessed over the past decade.

One of the objectives of Energy NSW is to boost the innovation investment of SMEs and provide new tools and services to enable Australian businesses to invest, create export opportunities, innovate and grow.

Energy NSW is building an extensive national and international network designed to identify, capture and develop the commercial opportunities presented by the demand for energy efficiency and productivity.

The Energy NSW network will:

  • Establish a membership based network of leading industry providers, suppliers, buyers, users and researchers within the energy sector. 
  • Promote new markets in equipment, technologies and services for energy efficiency and productivity
  • Link key training and skills development groups into this sector to strengthen business and market readiness for developed and emerging new Australian entities
  • Work with existing Government and industry networks to strengthen connectivity within existing regional and national programs.