Energy NSW Participants


AGL Energy

AGL is one of Australia's leading integrated energy companies and largest ASX listed owner, operator and developer of renewable energy generation in the country. Drawing on more than 175 years of experience, AGL Energy provides gas, electricity, solar PV and related products and services to more than 3.7 million customers across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. They are focused on delivering new, innovative and integrated offerings to meet the changing needs of our customers in an ever-changing energy environment.


GE Global Growth

GE powers the world with the cleanest, most advanced technologies and energy solutions. From FlexEfficiency Combined Cycle power, to smart grids that help utilities manage electricity demand, to gas engines that run on organic waste, GE technology currently helps to deliver a quarter of the world’s electricity. GE Oil & Gas is currently operating in more than 120 countries working on the safest, most reliable and cost-efficient innovations in the field.


CSIRO Energy

CSIRO Energy are pioneering low-emission technologies that create value for industry and households and provide the knowledge which will help guide Australia towards a smart, secure energy future.


University of Technology Sydney / Institute for Sustainable Futures

The University of Technology’s Institute for Sustainable Futures is a university research institute that has been creating change towards sustainable futures by conducting independent project based research for Australian and international clients since 2007.

Their vision for sustainable Energy Futures is one in which energy is clean, affordable and accessible to all, where energy systems and services support a high quality of life and in which people and communities are empowered. They recognise that radical transformation is needed to replace old, out-dated and polluting energy systems and to tackle one of the major causes of climate change.


University of Sydney / Centre for Sustainable Energy Development

The Centre for Sustainable Energy Development was established to provide a clear focus around developing a systems-based approach to renewable and distributed energy systems, process intensification, process integration, distributed chemicals manufacture, sustainable technology and green engineering. This systems-based approach provides a framework for understanding the complexity of these issues for decision makers, not only in industry and the community, but also for those affected by such decisions.


Australian National University / Energy Change Institute

The Energy Change Institute provides authoritative leadership in energy research, education and public policy through a broad portfolio ranging from the science and engineering of energy generation and energy efficiency, to energy economics, regulation, security, sociology and policy.