What is the METS NSW MAP?

The METS NSW Map is an interactive, online database of METS organisations operating within NSW. It shows the location and capability of METS related organisations throughout the state, and is searchable by location, name, or capability. This is a free marketing tool funded by the NSW Government to promote the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services sector of NSW. Sign up now to get on the METS NSW Map.

What is METS?

METS stands for Mining Equipment, Technology and Services.

NSW is a leading supplier of innovative METS solutions for the resources industry. Many products and services used today by the global mining industry were developed in NSW. These include coal longwall mining equipment, hydraulic roof supporting systems, roof bolting machines, advanced mining technologies, mine planning and evaluation software.

METS companies help improve the productivity, efficiency and optimisation of the mining industry, and are a major contributor to the Australian economy.

If an organisation provides a unique product or service that can be sold to and utilised by the mining industry, that organisation is classified as METS.

Some organisations who fit this description do not realise they are part of this important sector, so METS NSW is working to raise awareness of METS and create stronger links within the sector to support cohesive growth.

What is METS NSW?

METS NSW is a partnership between the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER), NSW Department of Industry (Division of Resources and Energy), the national growth centre METS Ignited and industry bodies, HunterNet, Austmine, Dantia, Austrade and AiGroup.

The power of METS NSW is in the collaborative model that drives advancement by leveraging off existing METS expertise to accelerate innovation in the sector.

METS NSW is working with its partners to understand the current METS reality and facilitate programs throughout its networks that share METS strengths and opportunities. This is why the METS NSW Map is important.

Why should we join the METS NSW Map?

The METS NSW Map will identify the physical location of METS organisations and key capabilities, making it a valuable resource to:

  • Promote METS strengths to national and international markets

  • Improve collaboration by enabling easy, consistent communication

  • Support regional NSW by building stronger networks

  • Advance innovation

  • Create growth by connecting business, research and government

  • Identify potential cluster forming opportunities

Is my organisation able to join?

We invite all METS organisations who have a NSW address to be part of the METS NSW Map.

If your organisation contributes a service, product, research or development for the resources industry you are a METS organisation. This includes large and small business, research institutions, government agencies and industry groups.

You may be involved in the exploration, planning, development, operations, transport and logistics, remediation or other core segment.

How can we get on the METS NSW Map?

The first step is to register your company on the METS NSW Map. You can access it here.

When registering, you will be prompted to enter the details of your organisation such as key contacts, location and areas of expertise within the mining process supply chain.

There is the option to upload a logo or to submit an organisation blurb. You are able to specify what, if any, contact details to display on the map.

Once you submit your data, a METS NSW administrator will check it for errors before adding your organisation to the METS NSW Map.

Who will use the METS NSW Map?

Decision makers, planners, thought leaders and strategy makers from METS and mining, all levels of government, research institutions and industry both domestically and internationally.

How do I join?

Click here to register your company on the METS NSW Map.

Where do I find out more? 

Contact Kate Fagan on 02 4985 4499 or