Renewable Energy Agency funds trial of rapid install relocatable commercial solar pods

Australian start up Solpod Pty Ltd (Solpod) to trial installing redeployable rooftop solar on commercial and government buildings.


Solpod has developed an innovative new way of fixing solar panels to roofing by using a re-deployable racking and mounting system, offering the ability to quickly remove the panels to be deployed elsewhere.

This innovation allows commercial tenants to access rooftop solar.

The $5 million project will see Solpod’s redeployable solar panel systems installed at 25 sites across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland totalling nearly 2.5 MW capacity, with each site possessing up to 100 KW of solar PV. On behalf of the Australian Government, ARENA is committing $975,000 towards the project.

In partnership with ERM Power, Solpod will be trialled at shopping centres, commercial and government buildings – owned by property owners including GPT and Property NSW, who will each install 10 pods.

ERM Power sourced and contracted the property owners and is administering the delivery of the demonstration program for these customers including billing the Solpod power purchase agreements.

Solpod’s system involves manufacturing prefabricated commercial scale solar panels raised on aluminium pods which are fixed with industrial strength adhesive to the roof surface. Solpod’s “pods” are manufactured in Melbourne, and can be installed within hours.

Solpod’s pods will be able to be rolled out in any size configuration, helping building tenants benefit from rooftop solar PV where they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

ARENA CEO Darren Miller said Solpod’s innovative redeployable solar system opens up new markets for rooftop solar installation.

“Solpod’s new way of installing solar will pave the way for businesses who were previously locked out of rooftop solar to take up renewable energy solutions and options under shorter term power purchase agreements.

“Solpod’s solution can adapt to meet individual business needs. For businesses that rent their premises, Solpod can offer short-term contracts to match lease terms. For landlords, Solpod allows flexibility for changing site use and will not damage the roof,” he said.

To learn more about Solpod, go to their website here.

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