Energy measurement and metering training Sydney

Date: 09-Apr-2019



 9 April 2019 9.00am - 5.00pm


Energy Efficiency Council


TBC Sydney


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With energy prices skyrocketing, more and more businesses are trying to understand how energy is consumed in their operations so they can act to bring down their bills.

That means robust measurement and metering of the way energy is used on a site is more important than ever. Whether you are trying to understand current performance, identify energy conservation measures, or verify the success of energy savings projects, reliable and relevant data is essential.

This one day, hands-on course provides introductory guidance on meter selection, installation, calibration and data collection and validation. Meter accuracy will be discussed, along with techniques for reducing the costs of measurements, and developing a metering plan in line with your customers budget.

Techniques for quickly manipulating data files will also be presented, along with guidance on data collection intervals.


On completion of the course participants will learn:

  • How to meter electrical energy, thermal energy, gas energy and water flow

  • How to develop a metering plan that fits within budget constraints

  • How to select the right meter for the job

  • The application and limitations of various meter types

  • Considerations for installation

  • Data collection & validation options

  • How to analyse raw meter data.

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